Who we are

Kivulini Planners is based in Shela village, Lamu.

We are a full service Events company specializing in, and not limited to, Private events, Destination weddings, Wellness & Fitness Events, and Experiences within Lamu Island. We also offer personalized safaris and travel logistics within Kenya on request. 

Kivulini is a Swahili word meaning “under a shade”. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of event management and execution, we desire that you – the said client – will find rest under the shade that Kivulini Planners dwells, as we do the rest.

Destination Weddings

At Kivulini we believe that every client, event and experience is unique.

Our process when we make the first contact with the client begins by listening to the client’s ideas and expectations, deliberating and developing those ideas, guiding them through the various options and advising on the most viable, making recommendations for locations and vendors as per the client’s budget, overseeing the budget, writing contracts, and managing the day of the event. We make the entire planning process enjoyable. 


We organize events and retreats that make improvements to one’s psychological and physical health. For events that need a facilitator, we work with experts in their field. Be it Nutrition, Spiritual, Meditation, Yoga, Aerobics or Zumba



All our safaris are personalised ideally for clients who prefer a more individual experience, to places that are off the beaten track and unique. For clients that want to be involved with the community during their safari, we always attribute some special local experiences to their itinerary for a satisfactory stay in Kenya.

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