Ali King

The shop stocks a selection of different African fabric, and has in-house tailors who make beautiful custom made pieces from Kikoy and Local Fabric.

Gallery Baraka

This shop is a gem in Lamu. They specialize in collecting beautiful and unique pieces from across Africa like;

    • Tribal masks
    • Hand Carved Furniture
    • Hand Woven Textiles
    • Elaborate Beadwork
    • Benin Bronze Statues
    • Hand Carved & Incised Stone Boxes
    • Exotic Jewelry

Their sources of unique pieces are not limited as they also stock pieces from other far away continents. Pieces like Beautiful Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry, Clothing, Homeware and so much more. 

Dependent on what you are looking for, Lamu and Shela has a range of shops you can sample from, but since this is an island there’s limitation to what you can find.