Sea Suq café

Right at the sea front, the Sea Suq serves very tasty samosas with chili dip on the side, in addition to other Swahili snacks like bhajia, dates cookies, home-made sugar coated biscuits and some mouthwatering brownies. Be sure to try out their fish samosas.

They also serve seafood and Swahili dishes like Biryani, pilau among others, plus some natural fresh fruit juices, spicy Swahili tea (chai) and coffee (kahawa).

They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Stop Over Café

Also at the sea front, the Stop Over is famous for its Swahili made sea food and other dishes.

Their sea food curry is a must try. 

They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Swahili Home

This is more of an experience where you have your lunch or dinner in a Swahili home.

The menu is only Swahili dishes and snacks and all meals are always filling and tasty. Chicken Biryani or Pilau and sweet dumplings (kaimati) are always finger-licking.

If you have people over and want to enjoy a good Swahili meal together, the Swahili way, (sitting on the floor and having the option of sharing one big platter), this experience is for you. 

It can be lunch or dinner.

A 1-day prior reservation is required.

Peponi Bar & Restaurant

Positioned at the Shela beach, and with a spectacular view, Peponi offers a diverse menu; From sushi and carpaccio, to fish and seafood, to pasta and risotto, to meat and poultry to the Swahili traditional dishes.

The vegans also have a place at the table in Peponi, with a 3 course menu to choose from. Their bar serves cold and refreshing beers and cocktails. They are famously known for their “old pal”.

For the coffee lovers, don’t leave the island before having a cappuccino at Peponi. 

They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Kijani Bar & Restaurant

Kijani offers an ambient atmosphere in their first floor open-air bar and restaurant with spectacular views of the sea.

They have a seasonal menu that comprises of terrific seafood, internationally-inspired dishes and traditional Swahili dishes.

On their menu there’s the option of Vegan and Vegetarian, plus natural fresh fruit juices. Their seafood platter is worth a try. 

They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.