A Snippet on Lamu Archipelago

Lamu Island is off the shore of Kenya in the Indian Ocean. It has a humid tropical climate all year round with the temperature ranging from 23°C to 33°C. It’s a bit cool from mid-April to July, warmer from August to mid-November and warmest from end-November to early April.

The island is mainly Islam inhabited with a very conservative culture. It is therefore advisable to dress modestly when walking on the streets.

Due to the narrow streets in both Lamu and Shela, and undefined roads in Manda, Kipungani and Kiwayu, transport on the island is either by foot, donkey, dhow or boat.

Lamu Old Town

Lamu old town is one of the longest established, and best preserved remaining settlements of the Swahili tradition, and rich culture in East Africa that remains today. 

The Swahili traditions are evidently on display in Lamu’s Architecture where most of the town is built with coral stone and mangrove timber. The Lamu doors are a sight to behold.


Shela is a village about 3 km south of Lamu town. It is the center for tourism on the island, with a variety of accommodation options to choose from. Shela is also home to a 14km stretch of spectacular beach.


Manda Island

Manda Island, home to Manda Airport is under developed, but has some beautiful private villas, with an appealing long beach facing Shela. Manda is ideal for bird watching, walking, jogging and cycling


Kipungani is a small village on the southwestern coast of Lamu island, perched in a secluded position with a beautiful beach. The area is very popular for snorkeling and water sports, with the possibility of sighting dolphins when the weather is warm and calm.



Kiwayu is a small island in the eastern part of the Lamu Archipelago. It’s stunningly undeveloped and remote, making it an ideal place for that undisturbed getaway that we all need once in a while.

The surrounding area of Kiwayu is occupied by Kiunga Marine National Reserve, hence an abundance of wildlife. Kiwayu is perfect for water sports and deep sea fishing.

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