Sunset Sail in a traditional dhow

This is a popular must do activity whilst in Lamu. It involves sailing on a cozy dhow for some quiet and relaxation, as you watch the beautiful sunset and sip on your drink while enjoying Swahili snacks (bhajia, deep fried potatoes {viazi} and homemade chili or coconut chutney)

Sunset sail, dinner & night cap in a dhow

If you fancy the idea of having a simple dinner on a dhow after the sunset, then curl up and watch the sky littered in numerous stars, then this activity is for you.

After the sunset, the captain anchor’s the dhow close to the beach on a quiet spot and dinner is served.

Visit To Takwa Ruins

This is an activity for those that appreciate History. Takwa ruins is on the south eastern corner of Manda Island. Managed by the National Museums of Kenya, Takwa ruins are the remains of a thriving 15th and 16th century Swahili trading town before it was abandoned in the 17th century due to salination of the once fresh water and endless conflicts between the Takwa and the neighboring Pate Island people.

There’s a very knowledgeable local guide who will take you through the ruins and give the entire history behind it. 

Getting there is by boat, or taking a 40-minutes nature walk from Manda Beach. You can combine a visit to Takwa Ruins with a sunset sail, or a picni


Snorkeling in Lamu is an experience that does not disappoint. You will get to see the Lamu colorful fishes on the magnificent corals, as the captain and his crew prepare you a simple lunch of chapatti, salad and grilled fish on a stove erected on the dhow. The lunch is served on the dhow after your swim.

Deep Sea Fishing

Big game fishing is a wonderful way to spend your early morning, and it’s more of a treat because you get to watch the sunrise while at sea. Lamu is blessed to have a variety of game fish that you are likely to encounter such as Sailfish, Kingfish, Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, Marlin, and Barracuda.

Lamu Old Town Tour

If you love the History channel and/or books, you will love the Lamu old town tour. This is a tour very rich in history and culture and it will involve visiting the Museum and Gallery. The old town is a hub for antique Swahili architecture. The doors on most of the houses ooze magnificence and creativity. 

If History is not your thing, you can:-

  1. Enjoy shopping for Fabric, Kikoy, Dera, and what the shops have to offer
  2. Visit the Fresh Food Market
    3. Pop in to Furniture Stores for beautiful antiques. 
    4. Eat out in a Local Restaurant, and if you fancy,
    5. Visit the Donkey Sanctuary

Turtle hatch (seasonal)

This is an activity facilitated by Lamu Marine Conservation Trust (LaMCot), a Community Based Organization that focuses on protecting and supporting the critically endangered sea turtles and marine ecosystem. The organization identifies turtle nests and when they lay eggs, they appoint a team of guards to protect the nests day and night till they hatch. Once they hatch and are ready to face the world, the LaMCot team informs the public and guests are invited to view this magic of mother nature; “The turtles crawling from their nests, and into the ocean”

Yoga at Banana House

Banana House offers Yoga classes daily in the morning at 9am and in the evening at 5pm, for 1hour each.

The Yoga teachers are flexible, and adapt to the students’ yoga levels. The classes are therefore fit for all; be it a beginners’ class, or the vigorous advanced Vinyasa flow class.

Upon request, the Banana House Yoga teachers can offer private classes and meditation.

If you are staying in Shela for long & you’d like to attend classes daily, there's a collective package for you.

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